How to Import Large Mysql Files and Not Getting Timed Out

If you're importing a large mysql file into your database and getting a timeout error!

Oh no fun!

With a little extra effort, you can safely import or upload your database into your chosen mysql file on your hosting server. "BigDump: Staggered MySQL Dump Importer" comes to the rescue! Follow the link below to download and yes, its free.

Prestashop | Admin Can't Login and Lost Password Doesn't Work

And.. My Prestashop Site Was Hacked!

The site got hacked and I was trying to rebuild it.

Fortunately the hack was not affecting the database so its reusable. I just need to reupload Prestashop codebase and I was hoping its going to be simple and easy but its NOT that way in reality!

After a few setbacks I finally managed to get it up but I can't log in as admin! My original site's ID and password were not recognised. Hitting lost password returned no email in my mailbox. So what do I do?

[scam alert] Google+ Anniversary Winner

This is what I see in my mailbox today.

A whopping 950,000 pounds for being an active Google+ usercheeky. How generous!

And this is the attached letter..

Its just too good to be true. Am I a very active user? Not in a million years! I think I've never posted anything to Google+ so far.

[News] Paid Backlinking Is Now Dead?

paid backlink is overIf you're into SEO for sometime, you should know that backlinks has been a major element to the whole strategy. That results in a lot of people willing to pay for backlinking services.

The 'model' was working well for quite a while until recently when Google has made several moves to 'invalidate' such a tactic. It means sites that are found to employ paid backlinking services were denied good ranking or totally de-indexed from Google's search result.

How to Install and Use VQMOD on Opencart 1.5

vQmod opencartIn OpenCart (OC), extending your site's features usually results in modifying the program core codes. There are many reasons why this practise in not favorable - a major one is that it is not easily reversible. Say when you modified some codes and wanted to reinstate the original for some reason, it can be quite tedious, if not impossible.

[News] Domain Name Registration Price Goes Up Again

Not long ago domain name registration has gone up in price from $7.99 region to that of $9.99. By January 2012, it will go up again and for the first time crossing $10 barrier.

The actual price depends on which registrar you buy or renew your domain from but the hike is quite like around 5% compared to the past.

So if you buy and own domain in bulk, perhaps it's good to grab them while they're still at old prices.

Common Issues With Drupal Sites And Multisites

There are several issues that usually plaque a Drupal installation and here is a list to some of them below. Please note that this article mainly refers to Drupal 7 and it may or may not relate to other Drupal releases.

1. Search Not Functioning

If you find the search returns nothing then see this post for some pointers.

2. Image Not Showing

This is quite tricky too. See if the problem is systemic i.e. no image is rendered through out your entire site, even when you're logged in as admin?

How To Create A Sub Theme For Drupal 7

One of the quickest and safest way to customize a drupal theme is to go via subtheme route.

Safest? Because even if the base theme get updated in the future all your modifications will remain intact unless there was a major change put in place by the author.

Firstly, let's assume the base theme name is "base" and "sub" is your new subtheme. In your case, replace each name accordingly.

How To Change Text Format For Comments In Drupal 7

Have you ever wanted to change text formats for your site's comments?

In my case, I wanted all comments done only in plain text no matter if it is a signed in user (authenticated) or just an anonymous one. Formats for contents still depend on the original settings - this only affects text formats for comments only.

Adding Taxonomy To Drupal 7 Contents

For reasons that I am not aware of, Drupal 7 does not come with taxonomy field as default and that means you have to "insert" it into a content type of your choice.

I noticed that whenever I was creating a blog or book content, there no way to enter the categories or tags into it.

A little search leads me to the method how to do it.

First, enable Field and Field UI Modules.

Next go to Content Types and select "manage fields" for content type of your choice.

Drupal Search Not Working | It Shows No Results?

If search feature on your Drupal site refused to work, just check the following things:

If Permission or User Control settings have been correctly done.

drupal search

Indexing of your site has completed. If not, go to “Admin-Search Settings-Re-index Site”.

If nothing seems to be wrong, just do “Re-index Site” might cure the problem.

Who's The First Independently Published Author of Kindle Million Club?

imageTo qualify for the Million Club you have to sell (not give away) one million Kindle books on and John Locke has achieved that by last June 19th.

Kindle Books Overtake Print Books On Amazon

Kindle ebook reader was only introduced by Amazon in November 2007 whereas hardcover and paperback books were sold by it since back in July 1995.

Extend Your WordPress Site Beyond Just A Blog With These Plugins

The logo of the blogging software WordPress.A Blog platform - that was how WordPress started to come to life some years ago! But things don’t have to stay that way forever…

Image via Wikipedia

How To Setup Windows Live Writer For Joomla 1.6

It took me quite a while to get Windows Live Writer to recognize and work with my new Joomla 1.6 site. If you’re into offline editing for Joomla then this article might be helpful.

I have not tried but I guess this is useful for other offline blog editors too such as BlogDesk, BlogJet, Zoundry Raven, Post2Blog, Qumana and many others.

I was searching and reading lots of stuff relating to this topic but no one talked about something so tiny little but gave me lots of frustration.

It’s the .htaccess file!

Easy Solution For WordPress Auto Blog Buddy Plugin Install Error

I recently updated my WP Auto Blog Buddy plugin and had a surprise or rather an error when activated. It has now been solved and I learned a very important lesson as a result. So what lesson is that? I am going to share that with you so just read on…

Sales System Integrator | Rapid Action Profits

RAPbox You have an ebook for sale and you think of selling it through a web page.

Fine, you prepare the sales page, thank you page, OTO page, create payment button etc.

You then plug in your script for affiliate or JV partner signup.

Some more scripts to track visitors and sales. And another script for Tell-a-Friend feature.

[Tips] One-Stop Service To Publish Posts, Photos, Video, Audio and Files On Over 100 Online Destinations

Image representing Pixelpipe as depicted in Cr...Exposure is a very big thing in the online world. So your content should be distributed to as many sites as possible to make a better impact. But one drawback is that that will take a lot of efforts if done manually so turning to using a tool for the task is a smart option.

[Tips] How To Test WordPress Site Without A Domain

Perhaps you’re working to introduce a new site on an existing domain name and wanted to see it live online. At the same time the old site has to keep running and showing to ordinary web visitors.

So how to achieve that?

Miriam Schwab from WpGarage outlined this simple process very clearly. Apparently the method is applicable both to Windows system as well as Linux/Unix and Mac (OSX). Give it a go!

How To Backup Outlook Email Accounts

Email remains one of the greatest productivity tools of all time and if Outlook is what you’re using then this tip may help you become more efficient.

There are times when we need save all email accounts that have been setup in MS Outlook. And I am a person who use Outlook as my email center where all email messages including those using Gmail services get collected. I don’t think opening one email mailbox after another is efficient especially if you have more than a handful of accounts to manage.

7 Things To Do To Have A Good OpenCart Online Shop Setup

image OpenCart is currently one of the top ecommerce systems besides Prestashop and Magento.

Like most software systems nowadays, OpenCart is built upon PHP and mySQL. It helps a lot since these are very popular and readily understood and customized.

New Backlinking Strategy Using Bad News Revealed

Good ranking has been largely attributed to the amount and quality of backlinks you can have to your site. This is especially true when it comes to getting good search result position in Google Search.

However, normal school of thought usually refers to having off-page links in a positive sense. That means more links translate as more goodwill and better quality of the site being linked to. So major search engines use the backlink criteria in their algorithm to rank sites and quantity being one of the parameters.

My New Preferred Local PHP Test Server | Vertrigo Server

image For many years EasyPHP has been my personal choice when it comes to website local test system mainly for its simplicity. I chose EasyPHP despite many other people recommended WAMP or XAMP which I actually tried and did not like.

Ultimate Heatmap Research

Are you having ads on your blog or website?

There was a research done by Michael Campbell using hundreds of heatmaps, clickmaps, web usability studies, eye tracking reports and ad placement suggestions from the bigger ad networks.

The result?

You can double or triple your ad revenues, without any additional traffic, clicks, or page views, just by moving the ads to the hot spots.

This 33-page pdf report is given away for FREE.


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